Etihad, Saudia expand codeshare

Etihad Airways and Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) have extended their codeshare agreement.

EY and SV codes have already been placed on 14 routes, with the addition of Vienna this week.

In the coming months, Etihad will place its EY code on Tunis, Sharm El Sheikh and Alexandria while SAUDIA will place its SV code on Etihad flights to Tokyo, Nagoya and Baku.

A second phase will see the EY code on flights to Algiers, Dhaka and Erbil. The SV code will be placed on Etihad’s flights to Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Moscow, Dusseldorf, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Lagos, Minsk, Rabat, Astana and more points in India.

Other areas of co-operation include engineering, where Etihad Airways has been collaborating with SAUDIA since last year, exchanging maintenance and facility support.

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