Delta joins Sabre’s NDC programme

Delta has joined Sabre’s Beyond NDC programme, which aims to accelerate the development, integration and testing of end-to-end NDC capabilities.

Sabre and Delta have also been working together, with other major carriers and ATPCO to develop and test a new approach to shopping, which is based on the next generation storefront (NGS) standards that are currently being developed.

Sabre’s NGS solution categorises airline offerings by product attributes and normalises the data for easier comparison shopping. The solution will deliver initial shopping results, including a carrier’s complete product lines, ensuring Sabre-connected agencies, OTAs, and other third parties can provide better information to assist travellers in choosing an offer.

“Delivering a modern-day retail experience in third-party channels requires changes across the distribution ecosystem. Sabre’s Beyond NDC initiative is a great platform for cross-industry collaboration, which we see as an opportunity to deliver the benefits of NDC at scale, while minimising disruption to our agencies and customers,” said Jeff Lobl, Managing Director – Distribution Strategy at Delta. “We also applaud Sabre’s commitment to Next Generation Storefront and the greatly improved shopping experience that it will provide.”

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