Facing up at Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has begun trials for the first phase of its Seamless Flow programme, with the intention of making paperless travel a possibility in the long term.

The programme allows for facial recognition self-boarding, but for now is only available to Cathay Pacific passengers. After checking in, passengers are invited to take part in the trial, and are escorted to one of the special registration kiosks. There, the passport and boarding pass are scanned, and a high-quality facial image is captured which is used to generate the traveller’s single token.

This allows passengers to self-process through their boarding gate without the need to show any documents. At departure, passengers will make use of a dedicated biometric-enabled eGate. By looking into a camera that scans their face, a live photo of the passenger is automatically compared with the initial scan made during the registration process. If the face is properly identified, the gate will open and the passenger is boarded on the airline system.

This process should only take a few seconds, according to an airport statement.

The next phase is to add passport control to the trial.

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