Tap to pay on London trains

Heathrow Express today launched new contactless payment methods available on recently installed ticket barriers at London Paddington and Heathrow Airport.

This allows customers to use a bank card or mobile device to make purchases with no need for a PIN or signature, users can simply tap their bank card or mobile device on a contactless card reader.

Many contactless cards issued outside the UK can be used to pay for travel. These include American Express, MasterCard and Maestro, and Visa and V PAY cards. Transaction fees may apply.

Oyster is a smartcard from Transport for London (TfL) to which money can be added, allowing customers to pay as they go on travel services in London.

Customers are advised to always use the same device or contactless card to touch in and out to pay the right fare for their journey. Users are not able to share payment methods, so each traveller must have their own Contactless bank card, mobile device or Oyster Card.

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