Air France rolls out Google, Apple Pay

Air France has announced a string of new features for its app, including new payment options, passport scanning, and baggage tracking.

The Air France app now supports both Google Pay and Apple Pay as payment methods when purchasing a ticket

The app also features a passport scanning option to help speed up the check-in process. Users can click on the ‘Scan passport’ pictogram and place their passport in the specified field. All the necessary passport data is automatically captured and updated.

Users can also use the app to plan their trip to the airport across multiple forms of transport, including cars and public transport. The app provides updates, using geo-location, on the airport’s accessibility in real time.

Each user will also receive notifications from the app on the location of their baggage throughout the trip, as well as the carousel number where they can collect their baggage on arrival.


Biometric trials

Air France customers who are checking in using the Air France app, or at an airport self-service kiosk, will be able to scan their passports and be issued with biometric passes containing their encrypted biometric facial data from their ID photo.

The airline says the use of personal data will be respected.

Customers can then scan their boarding pass when dropping off their baggage or at boarding, and a camera will identify and authenticate the passenger using facial recognition. In a few months’ time, the airline says the matching of a customer’s biometric data and image will authorise the passenger to drop off their luggage and proceed straight to boarding.


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