NY security, taxi wait times at a glance

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has made up-to-date Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and taxi wait times available on its respective airport websites.

These airports are John F Kennedy International, Newark Liberty International, LaGuardia, and New York Stewart International.

Some of the airports already had real-time tracking of the information displayed on its website, with wait times at LaGuardia’s Terminals C and D only going live earlier this month.

From November last year, the Port Authority began phasing in the tracking system in most of the airports’ terminals as well. All 14 terminals across the agency’s four airports now have the capability, except for United Airlines’ Terminal C at Newark Liberty. United hopes to go live with the system later in the year, according to a statement on the Port Authority’s website.

“The Port Authority, in co-ordination with the TSA and other agency partners, has installed BlipTrack, a real-time measurement tool to track and display wait times at TSA checkpoint screening areas and taxi stands,” the statement says. “The goal is two-fold: first, to provide this information so that travellers know what to expect and to enable them to plan their travels better and on a more informed basis; second to enable the airports to develop strategies and to target resources to reduce wait times.”

Travellers are not the only ones who stand to benefit from the system. The Port Authority says it will also enable the airports to identify taxi shortages and bottlenecks, allowing airport staff to request more taxis when needed.

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