SAA enhances baggage through-check

South African Airways has enhanced its luggage through-check for passengers across the SAA brand and its codeshare partner airlines.

From January 15, passengers on codeshare flights will now be able to through-check their luggage to their final destination when booked on the SAA code for the full journey, connecting between SAA, Mango, SA Express, Airlink and other codeshare-partner-operated flights.

For travellers coming into SA from abroad, SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali says: “All international passengers flying into South Africa have to re-check luggage at their first port of entry into the country when connecting to a domestic flight, irrespective of which airline they are travelling on. SAA-coded customers can benefit from the SAA and Mango baggage re-check facility in the Johannesburg international arrivals hall.”

As an example, customers will be able to through-check luggage all the way from Durban-Johannesburg-Frankfurt-Stockholm, when travelling on the SAA code: on a Mango-operated flight from Durban to Johannesburg, then an SAA-operated flight from Johannesburg to Frankfurt, and further on the SAA-code on a Lufthansa-operated flight from Frankfurt to Stockholm.

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