Why guided holidays make a great travel incentive

Microlight flights, luxury catamaran cruises and giving back to local communities – these are just some of the elements that motivate participants to go above and beyond to earn their spot on an incentive trip of a lifetime.

Incentive travel organisers dig deep to ensure that the end-to-end experience goes beyond tick-the-box travel to spur on success; that the non-negotiables of premium travel, attention to detail and local immersion are achieved so that delegates enjoy a travel experience that money can’t buy.

With incentive travel being all about tailor-made travel experiences, the prospect of a pre-organised guided holiday could probably not be further from your mind, but here’s why it should be added to the mix when you’re considering options for your clients in 2019:


Immersive experiences

Travel incentives are all about having an opportunity to connect authentically with the people, places and experiences of a destination. Trafalgar’s Be My Guest experiences offer delegates an opportunity to break bread with a local family in their home. From lunch with a Beijing family in a Hutong home to dinner with the fifth-generation Øvre-Eide family on their livestock farm in Norway, which was once the seat of a king, delegates have an opportunity to experience the places they’re visiting through the eyes of the locals.


Making a difference

Deliver on your corporate social responsibility by engaging in one of the JoinTrafalgar initiatives. Powered by TreadRight, these initiatives are aimed at leaving a lasting legacy for the betterment of people, places and the planet. Over 60% of Trafalgar’s itineraries contain at least one visit to a Unesco World Heritage Site, and 100% of all Asia itineraries include a JoinTrafalgar experience. Initiatives range from supporting non-profit wildlife sustainability projects to protecting and preserving the culture, traditions and living heritage of the world’s communities.


Seamless organisation

Excellent travel incentives leave nothing to chance. With every detail taken care of, from porterage to dietary requirements, transfers to transport, travel directors and local specialists, a guided holiday ensures peace of mind that delegates will travel without a care in the world. Delegates can scratch beneath the surface of a destination and connect with the people who live there through Be My Guest meals, first-hand engagement with communities and cultures, and overnight stays in accommodation that tells a story, rather than just being a roof over their head for the night.


Once in a lifetime

How does staying overnight in a 16th-century chateau sound? Or in an Irish castle? Or even on the foundations of Incan ruins? What is the likelihood that your delegate will ever have an opportunity to dine in the Vatican? Or enjoy dinner with the brother of Muhammad Ali? Or even join the locals in Bangkok’s Lumpini Park for their morning Tai Chi practice? These are just some of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that have been specially sourced by Trafalgar’s product experts as part of their standard itineraries.


Learn something new

Good incentive travel provides delegates with an opportunity to learn, appreciate and experience something new. It allows them to be surprised and challenged and gives them a sense of perspective. In France, delegates can delve into the art of French perfumery at Fragonard. They can participate in a Sichuan cooking class in Chengdu. They can even learn how to become a Canadian ice hockey player in Canmore. These Real Trafalgar experiences have all been pre-arranged to help delegates do something new and discover the different.


Balancing individual with group


A range of Optional Experiences that can be added during delegates’ free time ensures that incentive organisers are able to balance the needs of the individual with those of the group. Delegates who wish to spend the afternoon relaxing instead of exploring the destination on their own terms can do so. Take an optional boat trip to the Venetian island of Burano or learn the secrets of Khmer cuisine in Cambodia – there’s an Optional Experience to suit every interest on every trip.

Guided holidays may not be your first choice when you’re putting together a memorable travel incentive for your company or your customer, but they certainly tick all the right boxes when it comes to delivering any special travel experience. After all, living ‘The Good Life’ is everyone’s stated ambition, not just incentive travel delegates.

Teresa Richardson is the Managing Director of TTC SA, a group of companies that include Trafalgar, CostSaver, Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold, Contiki, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises, U by Uniworld as well as the brand, Busabout, introduced to South Africa by Teresa. With over 30 years of experience in the travel industry and having visited no fewer than 70 countries, Teresa is a leader who exudes confidence with her extensive knowledge of all areas of the business. Under Teresa’s leadership, TTC SA has established itself as a cohesive company when promoting the TTC group of companies. Teresa is consistently growing her expertise in a variety of subjects; one of which was training to become a certified Behavioural Consultant, thus assisting her to be the leader she has shown herself to be. Having said all this, there is an adventuresome side to Teresa. She loves nothing better than pitting her skills against the elements, which could be zip lining 150 metres above the ground, scuba diving below the sea, white water rafting on rivers around the world or even summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro. And, not a stranger to receiving accolades, Teresa was awarded TTC Global Executive of the Year in 2016.