Airportr saves time, hassle

Virgin Atlantic passengers can now save time by using a home or office luggage check-in, when flying from Gatwick or Heathrow.

The airline has partnered with luggage handling company, Airportr, to collect luggage at a passenger’s home, hotel or office doorstep prior to departure. The luggage is security checked on collection and passengers are able to monitor the progress of their bags via Airportr’s platform.

Upon arrival at the airport, passengers can move straight to boarding, collecting their luggage at their destination. Airportr can also collect luggage on arrival at Heathrow or Gatwick, delivering it within an assigned one-hour slot to any address in London, allowing passengers to spend their first day in the city without the hassle of luggage. The system is able to handle any type of luggage, including prams, sports equipment and bicycles, provided it is packed according to airline requirements.

Prices start at £30 (R530) per bag, and increase depending on the passenger’s location in London. Passengers can make use of the service up to seven hours before take-off. As Airportr uses boarding passes to register luggage, the organisation can only collect the luggage when the airline opens online check-in.

In addition to this new Virgin partnership, Airportr is also available to passengers flying on American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, easyJet and Finnair.

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