Air France – The end of Joon

Air France has announced the potential beginning of the end for its Joon brand and says it is looking into ways to absorb Joon’s staff and aircraft into Air France.

Joon, which was launched in December 2017 and currently operates a service to Cape Town, has said that all tickets currently sold or on sale will continue to be operated by Joon until the assessment of the integration is complete. Thereafter, flights will be taken over by Air France.

In a statement, Air France said: “The plurality of brands in the marketplace has created much complexity and unfortunately weakened the power of the Air France brand.” The airline noted that, despite the hard work of the team, “the brand was difficult to understand from the outset for customers, for employees, for markets and for investors”.

Air France is planning an integration process that will see Joon’s assets, including an Airbus A350 currently on order, absorbed into the main brand.

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