Italy strike update: Flights cancelled

Airlines operating to Rome’s Fiumicino airport have had to cancel flights as a result of the Air Traffic Control strike in Italy this afternoon.

The following flights are confirmed as cancelled:


Flight no              From     To           Status

AZ 1319              FCO        BLQ        CXXD


AZ 1365              FCO        TRS         CXXD


AZ 1395              FCO        GOA      CXXD


AZ 1417              FCO        TRN        CXXD


AZ 1475              FCO        VCE        CXXD


AZ 1563              FCO        CAG       CXXD


AZ 1613              FCO        BRI         CXXD


AZ 1619             FCO        BDS        CXXD


AZ 1677             FCO        FLR         CXXD


AZ 1741             FCO        CTA        CXXD


AZ 1781             FCO        PMO      CXXD


AZ 1801            FCO        TPS         CXXD


AZ 2038           FCO        LIN         CXXD


AZ 2068           FCO        LIN         CXXD


AZ 344             FCO        NCE        CXXD


AZ 584             FCO        TIA         CXXD


AZ 76               FCO        BCN       CXXD


BA 555             FCO        LHR        CXXD


EZY 2418         FCO        LTN        CXXD


EZY 8254          FCO        LGW      CXXD


FR 1667            FCO        PSA        CXXD


FR 4891            FCO        CTA        CXXD


VY 1367           FCO        ALC        CXXD


VY 6260          FCO        CDG       CXXD


Before leaving for the airport, travellers are advised to check the status of their flights.