Eurail reduces prices and expands offering

Eurail, the online sales channel for Eurail Passes based in The Netherlands, has lowered its prices and expanded its offering by adding three new destinations to its network.

With the addition of the UK, Lithuania and Macedonia, Eurail now gives customers access to 31 destinations throughout Europe, up from 28 previously. Other countries include France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

For 2019, Eurail is retiring its Multi-Country Passes (2-4 countries) in favour of promoting Global and One Country Passes with prices from €216 (R3 456) and €51 (R816) respectively.

There will be discounts for both first- and second-class travel. Travellers 60 years and over get a 10% discount on standard adult Eurail prices with a Senior Pass.  Eurail Youth Pass holders aged between 12- 27 get a discount of 23%, while Eurail Child Pass holders for children aged 0-11 travel free. However, only two children can travel with one adult. If more than two children are travelling, separate Youth Passes need to be purchased for the additional children.

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