New York tops for biz travel

For the fourth year in a row, New York has outranked London as the most popular business travel destination in the world. This was revealed in a report released by Egencia, ranking the most-travelled-to business destinations.

Using business flight bookings from small, mid-sized and multinational companies in more than 60 countries, Egencia compiled a list of the most-visited cities for business. From this data, the report shows that New York’s dominance is likely to continue as flight bookings were nearly 10% higher than bookings to second-position London last year, continuing to widen the gap. New York overtook London in 2014 to take the top spot.

Paris, the only other European city to feature in the top 20, ranked third with data showing the French capital’s business travel had increased 20% over the last two years.

Asian and Middle Eastern cities dominated the top 20, with Shanghai (5th), Singapore (6th), Hong Kong (8th), Tokyo (9th), Dubai (11th), Beijing (15th), Mumbai (17th) and Seoul (20th) all featuring.

Toronto came fifth, outranking San Francisco (7th), Chicago (10th), Boston (13th) and Los Angeles (16th), with Montreal coming in 14th.

In Africa, only Casablanca, ranked 19th, made the top 20. Mexico City and São Paulo (12th and 18th respectively) completed the top 20.

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