US: Snow storm to cause travel disruptions

While America’s west coast battles deadly fires; snow, ice, and rain are set to cause disruptions for motorists and airline passengers over a large portion of the eastern part of the country before the end of the week, according to Accuweather.

The storm is already producing intermittent rain in the south, but will strengthen as it moves across the north-eastern states on Thursday (November 15) and Friday. It will bring heavy snow to parts of the central US, with a focus on eastern Missouri and southern Illinois.

Further north-east, freezing rain is expected, with sleet, snow, or a change to rain likely. Power outages and difficult travel are likely from northern Maryland to Maine.

Airline passengers and motorists can expect difficult snow from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, New Jersey, New York City, Hartford, Connecticut, Boston, Portland, and Maine, with a change to rain and flooding forecast for poor drainage areas. Major delays and flight cancellations are expected.