Electric aircraft coming soon

EasyJet has confirmed that US-based partner company, Wright Electric, has started work on an electric engine capable of powering a nine-seater aircraft.

EasyJet’s statement says that the prototype propulsion system for the nine-seater aircraft is four times more powerful than the one installed on Axter Aeorspace’s two seater electric aircraft, which is already flying, with the nine-seater expected to start flying in 2019.

Wright Electric has also filed a patent for a motor that can be used in larger aircraft. “This exciting development suggests that the transition towards an all-electric commercial passenger jet capable of flying passengers across easyJet’s UK and European network is in sight,” the statement reads. 

Johan Lundgren, ceo of easyJet, commented, “The target range of the electric plane is around 500km which, within our current route portfolio, would mean a route like Amsterdam to London could become the first electric ‘flyway’. And as it is currently Europe’s second busiest route, this could in turn offer significant reductions in noise and carbon emissions, with multiple take offs and landings every day.”

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