Gautrain midibus service grows for corporates

The Gautrain has added nine midibus routes to its offering, shuttling passengers between Gautrain stations and key commuter areas. This is in addition to the Gautrain’s 26 bus routes.

The midibus service is operated in partnership with local taxi associations through an initiative driven by the Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) aimed at integrating public transport systems, and particularly at integrating the taxi industry into the Gautrain system.

Since its launch, the midibus system has transported 16 000 commuters a month, also leading to an increase in train users. The midibus is designed with a similar look and feel to the larger Gautrain bus.

Currently, the midibus service operates on weekdays only, with one route between Sandton station and Montecasino operational over weekends only. The midibus services the following routes:

The GMA has opened a survey to the public, allowing commuters to request additional stops or new routes to be implemented by the system. If the GMA sees high demand for certain routes, the feasibility of this route will be investigated. To take the survey, click here.

The GMA told TAM: “Routes are based on demand. In the case of office parks, the office park owners or companies group together to approach GMA to consider routes to the area. GMA will consider routes if they are not currently serviced by a form of public transport, are in proximity to a Gautrain station and if the demand for the service is there.”

The GMA has seen demand on the routes to office parks increase since the introduction of the service.

According to Barbara Jensen Vorster, senior executive manager for communications and marketing at the GMA: “The Gautrain midibus service provides passengers with a means to get to and from our Gautrain stations in a safe, comfortable and affordable manner.”

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