Video: Stacking up the benefits of aviation in Africa

The relationship between aviation and healthy economic growth around the world has been long established, said Nico Bezuidenhout, Fastjet’s ceo, during his recent Into Africa Online Travel Show session entitled ‘African Opportunity and the role of aviation in Tourism’.

He says in markets with a flourishing aviation economy, where affordable and accessible air travel is encouraged, consumers will have more choice and lower prices, which serve as input for healthy economic growth.

He points out that airlines around the world rely heavily on direct inputs, which can be from the energy sector providing fuel, or from aircraft manufacturing and the high-value jobs such as those found in the engineering industries, among others. “In Africa we see that aviation contributes indirectly to approximately US$80bn (R1,2 trillion) in economic activity per annum,” Bezuidenhout explains. “Directly, the industry generates approximately seven million high-value, full-time jobs on the continent.”

As for the likelihood of open skies in Africa, he admits that implementation has been slow but says he is encouraged by the progress in the last two to three years. “The reality is that the real work only starts now, with regulators having to start talking to each other and finding ways to integrate the processes and procedures that will actively enable open skies.”

To listen to Bezuidenhout’s full session, visit the Into Africa website here. 

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