Lack of first-hand knowledge behind Africa travel woes

A lot of travel managers and consultants have never visited the African countries they are sending corporates to, and this a key challenge behind many of the frustrations business travellers face. 

This is the view of Monique Swart, founder of ABTA, who presented a session on ‘The five key challenges when sending corporates into Africa’ during the recent online Into Africa expo, which took place last week (September 13). She says that “on the ground knowledge” through personal experience is essential. 

“Until you’ve been to the country, on the ground or at the airport and struggling through traffic, you really don’t know what they are experiencing as a traveller,” she says. Some of the key elements best understood in person include airport knowledge, traffic and geography, hotel and transfers suppliers used, safety options and payment solutions. 

In instances where it isn’t possible to visit the country in person, then she recommends ensuring a good network of reliable local partners are in place. 

To watch Monique Swart’s full presentation where she discusses the four other major challenges impacting African corporate travel, visit; register for access and visit the auditorium. 

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