BA, Iberia to increase GDS surcharge

International Airlines Group (IAG) carriers, British Airways and Iberia, will increase their global distribution system surcharge on September 18.

The fee, charged per ‘fare component’ (generally defined as a one-way ticket or half a round-trip), will go up from R160 to R180.

BA and Iberia continue to waive the fee for ‘low-cost channels’, including bookings on their own websites and those processed in channels that tap into their application programming interfaces that conform to Iata’s NDC.

Beyond that, several travel management companies have a private channel arrangement to waive the GDS fee.

When asked why the charge had been increased BA said: “The DTC recovers the additional costs to BA/IB for bookings that are not made using an NDC-based connection, the IAG agency booking portals, or another low-cost channel, such as our websites, airline sales offices and call centres.  These costs change over time, so we periodically review and adjust the DTC to ensure that the amount reflects the additional costs currently being incurred.”


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