New in-flight cuisine for Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways launched a new catering service on Tuesday, July 31, in Nairobi – part of the airline’s strategy to review and enhance service delivery.

Rolling out from August 1, the new service will reflect African hospitality and simplicity and from September 1 will be available on all flights longer than seven hours. The culinary experience will see menus developed in conjunction with top African chefs, including Kenyan-born Kiran Jethwa, who commented: “Collaborating with Kenya Airways has been an amazing experience. It’s a privilege to be the first chef to reinvent our national carrier’s on-board menu.”

Caption: Kiran Jethwa. Credit: Kenya Airways via Twitter.

The airline’s Chief Commercial Officer, Vincent Coste, said the crew had been trained by Jethwa in the art of plating dishes for the business-class service: “This renewed service will enable our guests to experience a wide variety of delicacies and cuisine.”

Other additions include signature welcome drinks inspired by indigenous Kenyan flavours, as well as environmentally friendly takeaway boxes on short-sector flights. Hand-woven baskets, created by local women’s groups, will also be introduced as a traditional take on serving passengers.

Credit: Kenya Airways via Twitter

Credit: Kenya Airways via Twitter.

In a statement released after the launch, the airline said: “Kenya Airways positions itself as the customer-centric carrier, championing the African culture.”

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