New site for UK visas acts up

Agents have expressed frustration at the technical glitches preventing UK visa applications on the new website.

Brian Kruger, md 4UK & Worldwide Visas, told TAM that the biggest challenges involve volatile results when trying to process credit card payments, and an inability to keep track of clients. “You have to try multiple times to get a credit card payment to go through and sometimes it doesn’t go through at all. You also can’t keep track of clients – something the old website allowed you to do. As a result, I only apply through the old website.”

David Pegg, md at Sure Viva Travels, added that while he hadn’t yet seen applications impacted by the inability to track clients, this was a key function. “The old software allowed a client to answer the questions they knew and then put the process on pause for a day, or two until they had further information. The process will be more challenging if client information is not stored and answers all have to be given in a single sitting.”

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