Unrest in Moz – what you need to know

TMCs are not yet advising clients to refrain from travel to Mozambique, following the outbreak of violence in the far north of the country and the Palma district of Cabo Delgado Province recently.

TMC’s canvassed by Travel and Meetings Buyer said that they are not yet cautioning clients against travel to Mozambique and that their clients are yet to be impacted. They added that they will only start to issue official warnings if advised to do so by International SOS and Travel Alert.

International SOS told TAM they are not yet advising against travel to Mozambique as the attacks have occurred in the far north, in largely low traffic, rural regions. The spokesperson added that, at present, Mozambique is considered to be a medium risk destination.

Owner of Azura Retreats, Stella Bettany says: “We at Azura are closely monitoring the situation through the relevant authorities and our team on the ground in Pemba, and they have indicated there is no cause for concern. All is business as usual in Pemba and our guests are arriving and departing the area trough Pemba International Airport and onward by helicopter to our Island as normal.”

The US, the Government of Canada, and The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have issued travel advisories for the country.

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