Seychelles bans plastic straws

The Seychelles is banning single-use plastic straws across the island.  

The ban includes straws used in cocktails and other drinks, but does, however, exempt straws that are attached to juice packets. This adds to the 2016 ban on the use and import of plastic bags, cups, cutlery, and Styrofoam packaging in an effort to cut down on waste.

“Retailers have been given until January 2019 to use their existing stock of plastic straws,” says Nanette Laure, dg at the Waste Enforcement and Permit Division of the Department of Environment.   

Alternatives such as bamboo and paper straws, while more expensive, will provide a long-term benefit, and reduce the cost to the environment. Lena Horeau, director South Africa for the Seychelles Tourism Board adds: “The Seychelles has been quick to come up with creative solutions. Some of these initiatives include the importing of biodegradable carrier bags, takeaway boxes, cutlery, and paper bags.”

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