BRICS Co-operation will bring positive returns to SA MICE sector

At the second Brics MICE Co-operation Forum Meeting in Hyderabad, India, today (May 9), the South African Association for the Conference Industry and the India Exhibition Industry Association will sign a reciprocity agreement.

The BRICS MICE Co-operation Forum aims to create strategies that will improve opportunities for co-operation between the respective parties in the MICE sector. Andrew Binning, ceo of Inkanyezi Events and the South African representative on the forum, and Rudi van der Vyver, ceo of the South African Association for the Conference Industry, will sign the agreement on behalf of the South African MICE sector.

"The agreement is significant and the start of a formal process that we trust will bring good returns,'' said Binning. "India has a massive, competitive economy, which points to the value and potential of business tourism created by synergistic events and the participation of the Indian business community in South African hosted MICE activities.” He added that specific activities and actions were being discussed which would see the forum create tangible returns for the partners, but stressed that relationship building of this sort was a long-term process.

Binning said the South African representation, led by SAACI, had been looking to build partnerships like this since the first BRICS MICE Co-operation Forum in China last year. "As a result I will also be visiting Russia after the forum to meet BRICS, industry and SA Embassy representatives to explore co-operation between SA and Russia.”

Inkanyezi Events is one of South Africa’s foremost MICE sector companies. It was established in 1998 and is based in Port Elizabeth.

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