Delegates suffer from tech fatigue

Meeting Professionals International’s? Meetings Outlook for Winter 2018 considered how meeting professionals were using technology and what they were experiencing as the technological enhancements for events grew and matured. Not all respondents felt positive about new technology.

“I think meetings have become so tech-oriented that the personal contact isn’t there any more,” said Donna Mangold, a conference planner at Federated Investors, in a report. “You see people walking around looking at their phone continually, even during sessions. They’ll be on their phones or iPads, and I know they are not following what’s going on in the room.” The research did, however, find that planners were using numerous technologies available to them to increase productivity, as well as for other benefits such as reducing the use of paper, improving communications, speeding up registrations, and improving the safety of attendees.

Further findings included that 62% of respondents predicted favourable business conditions, with an expectation of over 2% growth for the next year. 45% stated that safety and security were the most important consideration in venue selection, while 26% said venues should always be local, and 19% believed that a venue should be on an ‘approved’ list.

Attendance at live and virtual events is expected to grow by 2,2% and 2,6% respectively. 

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