Corporate coach hire – what’s important and what’s not?

With duty of care being so critical in corporate travel, travel buyers need to mitigate not only the potential travel risks faced by the individual traveller, but those requiring group travel as well. Quality coach hire plays an often underestimated yet integral part in transporting corporate groups safely to their destinations.

The advantages of using a reputable coach hire company are vast. Not only is it unlikely that your employees will accidentally get into the incorrect vehicle, or with a driver with dubious intentions, but there are perks such as insurance included too. Evelyn Patrick, operations manager at Snappy Coach Hire, says: “We offer a proven safety record, drivers who are professionally trained and updated annually, well-maintained vehicles with service records available for perusal, and a 24-hour helpline should you run into trouble. We also supply the services of registered guides, when required. All vehicles comply with Road Traffic Act and have R100 million passenger liability.”

If timing is a concern, says Patrick, it need not be. “Our drivers stay close by to our clients, should the client need to leave earlier.”

Coach hire is available for anything from airport transfers to extensive overland tours. “We arrange transport for our clients to and from sites, exhibitions and conference venues and sort the logistics required for their team-building activities, customer appreciation days and sporting events,” says Patrick.

Coach hire trends

Areas in which coach hire is improving to meet the desires of corporate clients are plentiful. They include ‘going green’, by providing low-carbon-emission coaches, as well as actively recycling all waste that is generated during travels.

While some companies offer on-board WiFi, much improvement is still required for this service to be uninterrupted. Often corporates choose to rather not have WiFi on board so that their conference delegates or employees use the travel time to network or be briefed for the upcoming event.

Coach hire also plays an important role in transport operations that are not considered strictly ‘business’. “We see a lot of corporate companies looking after staff and sending a delegation or colleagues to funerals. A lot of CSI departments use coach hire to take them to their projects safely,” says Patrick. 

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