Shock hike in Moz multiple-entry visa price

The drastic price increase for a three-month multiple-entry visa for business travellers for Mozambique has taken the trade by surprise.

The increase came into effect on January 22.

However, visa experts confirm that it is justified and still in line with what African countries in general charge. Liam Flett, director of Simply Visa, says while R765 to R2 500 is a substantial increase, this is the first time the price of this visa has gone up in many years. Furthermore, the new price is comparable to that of other African countries. For example, the DRC charges R2 625 for a three-month multiple-entry visa, while Guinea charges R2 750 and Ghana charges R2 050 for a six-month multiple entry visa. “It is also important to keep in mind that most African multiple-entry visas are more expensive than most European and American ones,” Liam says.

Jose Cruz, national executive client services manager of HRG Rennies Travel, thinks some corporates may disagree with it although there is nothing they will be able to do. “Perhaps the question to be asked is why South African business travellers did not need a business visa for Mozambique in the past, but now they do.”

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