Despite water shortages NM Bay welcomes tourists

Nelson Mandela Bay is open for business despite the city facing water shortages and the Eastern Province still experiencing an ongoing drought.

Andrew Whitfield, Mayoral Committee Member for economic development, tourism and agriculture, said in a statement on Wednesday that he urged tourists and businesses to save water and adhere to water restrictions.

He said the restrictions had formed part of the contingency plan put in place and that Nelson Mandela Bay had implemented various strategies to prevent the city from exhausting all its water supplies.

“We remain open for business, however the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is currently facing water shortages and we encourage all our visitors to help us to save water. The levels of our supply dams have reached an all-time low of just above 24%,” said Whitfield. He said the municipality was confident that the city would not reach Day Zero, and highlighted the fact that travellers and investors would not exacerbate the current water situation in Nelson Mandela Bay.

In anticipation of water restrictions, Nelson Mandela Bay commenced Phase 1 of the operation as far back as 2011.

Due to the dwindling capacity of the Western Supply Dams, the city has embarked on a Municipality-wide groundwater exploration programme, such as the high pressure, fast-moving groundwater just below the Coegakop Area, which could create many artesian wells.

Households and businesses identified as consuming excessive amounts of water will have water restrictive devices installed. 

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