Travel opportunities a key factor in talent acquisition

Almost a third (30%) of all working professionals accepted their job fully or in part because of the business travel opportunities it offered, according to new research by for Business.

The study focused on how people’s professions shaped their outlook toward business and leisure travel and the increasing intersection of the two. The study surveyed over 17 000 working professionals from 24 countries across more than 20 industries to identify common trends and variations by profession.

It also showed that over a third (38%) of respondents would actively pursue a new job if it meant they could travel even more for business. This figure rises to 46% among 18- to 34-year-olds and, in terms of profession, architects and designers (48%) and management consultants (43%) were the most likely to be influenced by travel prospects.

Bleisure – or the combining of business and leisure trips – continues to grow in popularity with 69% stating they tend to extend business trips by a few hours or days to enjoy the city, while 73% make time for leisure activities within a trip. Overall, 45% of professionals value this ability to blend business travel with leisure over traditional workplace benefits. The most popular bleisure activities are exploring well-known attractions (57%), trying local cuisine or dining at a top restaurant (42%) and shopping (40%). 

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