The trick to communicating brand through catering

The idea of using food at an event to communicate a brand’s corporate identity and values is not new, but this doesn’t mean it’s easy to get right.

As C&IT recently pointed out in its article, ‘Can a plate of food show off your business?’, event planners often pour their hearts and souls into an event, only to find that all the delegates can speak about afterward is the food. And not the symbolism behind the catering, but rather how good the meal itself was.

With this in mind, event planners need to be very careful not to forget that providing attendees with a meal they can enjoy should always be their first priority.

This is not to say there aren’t ways and means of bringing brand elements into the catering without compromising on the quality of the meal. In fact, C&IT recommends that this should be done through the presentation of the food, rather than the ingredients of the dish.

It provides the example of an event for the automotive industry, as part of which, different courses are served on various car parts. Similarly, it gave the example of an agricultural event, during which guests are seated on bales of hay during the meal.

From using products as décor elements on the tables to dressing the wait staff in brand uniform, there are endless opportunities to achieve your brand objectives without involving your menu, the article concludes. 

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