Tips to help delegates achieve their marketing objectives

As a meeting planner you want to ensure that the delegates who attend your conferences get the most out of these events, particularly when it comes to their marketing objectives.

Forbes recently put together a few tips on how delegates can turn their conference activations into a marketing success. These serve as helpful pointers for you to pass on to your event attendees.

The article, titled, How to take advantage of marketing activation at conferences, begins by suggesting that attendees research their fellow delegates before the conference begins. From there it will be easier to track those guests down and make the necessary connection, the article suggests.

This can even be taken a step further, the article advises, by engaging with the event’s hashtag on social media before the conference begins. At the same time, conference goers can use the list of attendees to follow their fellow delegates on social media. This may well open up opportunities to engage with useful contacts before the event, and then further those relationships during conference.

It’s important not to forget about existing clients as well. As the article points out, delegates are likely to come into contact with some of their loyal clients during conference, and therefore, it is certainly worthwhile having a plan in place to upsell products to these clients.

Lastly, Forbes encourages delegates to livestream the events that they attend, thereby dramatically extending their reach by inviting people to tune in from wherever they are, and providing them with the highlights of each day’s activities. 

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