Must-have hotel amenities for frequent travellers

It’s no secret that frequent travel places a great deal of strain on employees, which is why travel managers simply can’t afford to get it wrong when choosing a hotel for this particular group of travellers.

With this in mind, lifestyle site, The Cheat Sheet, put together a handy list of features – aside from the more obvious amenities such as WiFi – which can make or break a traveller’s trip.

Topping the list is round-the-clock meals. With strange flight times and jam-packed meeting schedules, business travellers can’t always keep to normal meal times and having the option to eat at any time can be very handy.

On-site ATMs are another major plus. No one wants the stress of not having local currency on hand, and not knowing when you might next happen upon an ATM.

Overnight laundry and pressing are also great to have. Employees can’t afford to look sloppy when running from one meeting to the next, but at the same time smart clothing wrinkles easily when packed away in luggage.

For time-strapped business travellers, a well-informed concierge can prove extremely helpful. As they won’t have time to conduct research on the city they are staying in themselves, they need someone who really knows what they are talking about and can answer questions quickly and efficiently.

Because business travellers don’t have the luxury of arriving after check-in and leaving before check-out, a hotel that offers luggage storage services is also important. After all, no one wants to have to drag their luggage around with them to meetings.

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