Tes Proos to step down as president of SITE South Africa

After five years at the helm of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence’s (SITE) local branch, SITE South Africa president, Tes Proos, ceo of Crystal Events Africa, will step down next year.

Speaking at the recent SITE Summit at Tinstwalo at Waterfall in Johannesburg, Proos told delegates that she would step down as president in 2018.

Peter-John Mitrovich, ceo of Grosvenor Tours, was the president elect, Proos revealed. “The official announcement will be made at the SITE SA Annual General Meeting which will also be held early next year.”

Proos will, however, remain on the board of SITE for at least a few years after the next president takes over, she revealed. “It has been an enormous privilege for me to serve as president of SITE South Africa for the last five years and I will continue to play an active role as a SITE member. My focus is going to be on promoting the need for education in the incentive travel market, and encouraging more people working in this sector to participate in training courses and the like.”

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