Cambodia: US visa restrictions implemented

The United States will stop issuing certain visas to some African nationals from today, September 13, News24 reports.

The new restrictions are aimed at four African and Asian nations that have refused to take back citizens who have been deported. Under federal law, Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, can stop all or specific types of visas from being issued to such nations.

The US Embassy in Eritrea says in a statement that it will stop issuing business and tourism visas to Eritrean nationals, with "limited exceptions".

In Guinea, a US Embassy statement says the new restrictions on business, tourism and student visas affect only government officials and immediate family members.

Cambodia and Sierra Leone are also expected to be affected by the visa restrictions, though there was no statement on the embassy websites.

US officials first discussed the visa restrictions in August.

Other countries listed as being uncompliant in accepting deportees from the US include China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Iran, Burma, Morocco and South Sudan. It is not yet known if visa restrictions will be placed on nationals from these countries.