What you need to know about securing your event’s data

With the increasing proliferation of technology throughout business operations, growing emphasis is being placed on security of personal data, and meetings and events are no exception.

While data security may not top the list of priorities for meeting and event professionals, as a recent article on Meetings and Conventions points out, meeting planners play an important part in an organisation’s overall information security strategy.

In its article, Safeguarding Your Event’s Data, the publication has prepared a checklist for meeting professionals to gauge their ability to adapt to the changing digital landscape. Important questions on this checklist include: What is your data-privacy policy and what type of personal data does your organisation collect and process? Who are you data subjects and how does your internal data-classification system work?

Perhaps most significant are the questions: where are your data subjects located and does your data privacy policy align with the data protection legislation requirements of those locations?

The publication also provides a checklist of questions for your technology service provider. Amongst these are questions such as: Where is your data stored and what is it used for? Also important is whether or not that data is encrypted and how your tech provider ensures it is secured.

These are all important points for meetings planners to consider to ensure they align with their organisation’s data security strategy. For the full checklist of questions, read the article here