Travel Vision scales back offering

From September 1, Travel Vision has scaled down its destination offering, concentrating on 12 destinations for tailor-made packages.

Sales and marketing manager, Annemarie Lexow, says the operator will return to its roots, and focus on some key destinations when it comes to tailor-made packages. The destinations are Brazil; Argentina; Peru; Paris, including Disneyland; the US, including Disneyland; UK; Italy; Greece; Turkey and Dubai; Russia and India.

The decision comes along with a new team who need to be familiarised with destination knowledge, says Lexow. “Our team has specialised knowledge about these destinations and can give advice, as well as quick turnarounds and service on the destinations.”

Travel Vision will still offer assistance with other destinations in its brochures, in terms of cruises and accommodation but will not offer meet and greets on arrival or guides in destination. The operator will also still have its online booking system, which can help agents with accommodation and cruises worldwide, and will still offer adventure programmes to other destinations.

Finally, the corporate Africa product remains in place. “We have our operator in our office who assists with any requests into Africa, and this will continue,” says Lexow.