MICE Academy launches initiative to tackle non-compliance

Planners and suppliers can now lodge War Stories - dissatisfaction with a particular event undertaking.

Dissatisfied meeting planners, PCOs, suppliers and services that subscribe to Professional Planner Standards can now call on the MICE Academy to help settle disputes, following the launch of War Stories.

A War Story is the lodging of dissatisfaction with a particular event undertaking. Event planners, venues or suppliers that subscribe to professional planner standards and feel that other parties they’ve dealt with during the planning of a particular event or meeting have not upheld the professional standard, can lodge a complaint with the MICE Academy, who will then investigate the situation and advise both parties accordingly on how similar situations can be handled better in the future.

The MICE Academy said in a statement: “There are many capable MICE planners out there, and competent suppliers and services as well. It remains, however, that many planning challenges do occur. Hence with a good standard practice in place via Professional Planner Standards (PPS), there has been a demand from PPS subscribers for War Stories to commence.”

The lodging of a War Story is a step-by-step process:

  1. The PPS subscriber lodges the dissatisfaction with the MICE Academy
  2. The MICE Academy interviews the PPS subscriber and together, with all the back-up documentation, completes the nature of the dissatisfaction
  3. All parties involved are then interviewed
  4. Outcomes are presented to parties

The main intention of the War Stories is to assist all parties in improving their standards. Says the MICE Academy’s Helen Brewer: “War stories are not witch-hunts causing emotions to run high or to lay blame on any of the parties. The core objective is for all parties to emerge better informed in order to improve their standards on a particular task or tasks.”

The names of the various parties are confidential and a code number is used for the actual War Story. The salient points of the event, such as type of planning undertaken; number of attendees; gender; age group; date of event; together with the province in which the event took place, are chronicled.

Thereafter, the various dissatisfactions are listed in numerical format together with the required PPS Subscriber outcome expectations.

In a very short space of time, two War Stories are already under way. Readers may view one of the War Story dissatisfaction details by clicking here.

“As an independent planner of many years, we view War Stories as a constructive method of improving both our suppliers and services methods as well as our own planning standards for a more satisfied end-user buyer,” said a PPS subscriber.