4 ways to host a successful modern conference

Because conference organisers at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) are increasingly being asked for conference packages that stand out from the rest, the convention centre has provided some tips to help you plan a uniquely modern conference.

1.Find a venue that can adapt to different demands

Julie-May Ellingson, CTICC ceo says clients are looking for flexibility and the event spaces should be able to adapt to clients’ demands.

“Use venues that are flexible, offer a variety of food and beverages, allow for delegates to have some fun and are up to date with everything digital for the conference,” she says.

2.Provide delegates with a food experience

Conferencing is not only about gaining knowledge but also for gaining new experiences. Ellingson says the CTICC delegates have become more demanding when it comes to food.

They are looking for a food experience, she says.

“As food and dietary trends evolve, there is more pressure on convention centres to not just feed delegates but to impress and satisfy individual dietary requirements.”

3.Allow for ‘kidulting’

Corporates are increasingly looking for ways to differentiate their conferences from others. Ellingson says the CTICC has introduced a “kidulting” aspect to its conference packages.

“We’ve introduced ice cream and confectionary stations, colouring-in walls and other playful activities at recent conferences in attempt to keep delegates entertained,” she says.

4.Keep up to date with the latest tech

With technology constantly innovating, digitisation is a big trend for conference goers.

“Conference organisers are demanding flexible technology, including WiFi, audio-visual features and connectivity offerings that cater for a wide variety of devices,” says Ellingson.

With conferencing and meetings constantly changing and the market becoming more demanding, conference venues have to look at unique ways to provide their clients with conferencing that exceeds expectations.