Social media: A driver for success in future corporate events

Social media has become a massive trend for businesses, which is why corporate event planners, like Cievents, use it so often.

Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, or whether you use it to keep up with politics or news, at some point you will use it to promote your business, says Cievents.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a great tool for professionals as it is inexpensive and reaches a wide market. Research conducted by Eventility reveals that 84% of event planners use Facebook to market their upcoming events, with 61% using Twitter. Cievents suggests that, by using the invite and event creation functionality on Facebook, you can gauge interest in an event and estimate how many people to cater for.

Social media events are also a great way to test event concepts with an audience. For instance, if you are planning a corporate event, you can use social media to research the best ways to display entertainment aspects of an event by watching videos on YouTube or looking at the most innovative designs on Instagram.

According to Cievents, YouTube is another underestimated social media channel in the corporate world. The events company explains that as many as 76% of corporate event planners plan to make video marketing a focus in the near future, which will see sites like YouTube become a go-to for organising events in the workplace.

Live streaming is another new trend in enhancing the user experience at events, adds the event organising company.

Build hype with social media

Social media isn’t just for promoting events, the company says.

“You can create hype by posting past events and highlighting how great they were,” says Cievents.

Your company could also display photos of successes over the course of the year, or choreograph a dance or song and show the video. “Share it across social media and people can revisit the experience over and over again,” the company adds.