Melanie Millin-Moore says “Pick my brain”

Pick this brain

Lean in and listen up! Doyenne of the PR and events industry, Melanie Millin-Moore has added a new string to her bow.  

She’s launched her very own brain bank on the PR and events scene in South Africa. Melanie is now holding Q&A sessions around everything from brand integration to launching a brand on the stock exchange, (like she did for One&Only).  Now you too can pick her brain in specially tailored sessions.  

“I have all this buzzing around in my head,” says Melanie, “and I really want to share it with people in the industry who want to take on major international experience. There’s very little I haven’t done in New York or London or anywhere that won’t help small agencies or in house agencies or standalone PR practitioners. Try me.”

The Q&A session is a chance to obtain insights from one of the most astute practitioners in the business. For an hour-and-a-half session Melanie will provide strategic feedback you won’t find in a textbook or a lecture room. This is about on-the-ground experience and insights.

Melanie has done it all. She’s opened over 100 boutique hotels, casino hotels, business hotels and resort hotels around the world. She’s worked on crisis management and brand management.

She oversaw PR training in many of Sol Kerzner’s hotels and resorts, and ran his communications initiatives, several of which have become case studies because of their impact and success.  High-end apartment launches, restaurant openings and safari camps,  sporting events, celebrity PR and gala opening events for hotels and celebrities – she’s done it all.

The private one-and-a-half-hour session with Melanie Millin-Moore will provide unparalleled insights culled from decades of international experience.  She will also provide guidance and respond to questions about your own initiatives.

Individuals: R1 500.00 per person (including refreshments and a surprise PR gift). If you bring an additional person, it’s R700.00 for that person.

Companies: R1 600.00 per person (includes refreshments and a surprise PR gift). Book for 9 people and the tenth is free. Extra numbers only by arrangement.

Corporate (in-house) (includes a surprise PR gift) for several people and an entire PR department for a half a day, the total cost will be R10 000.00 for up to 10 people. Any additional person will be charged R750.00 per session.


Bookings will be taken immediately through executive PA & PR Cecilia Rigney at  who will call to organise your session and secure your time. Cancellations need to be made two days before, failing which a 10% charge will be levied. 

Tel: 079 405 0059

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